Nested Lists Issue : String Required Error


I am trying to loop through multiple list to get the resource created for each entity and I run into error as “String required”

Below is my YAML file

  - process_name: proc1
    process_id: 1
        - list:
          - p1
          - p2
          runtime: containerd
        - list:
          - p3
          - p4
          runtime: docker
	    - list:
          - p1
          - p2
          runtime: containerd

My resource definition looks like below with for_each looping

locals {
  process_yamls = fileset(path.module, "./process/*/*.yaml")
  processes = flatten([ for yaml in local.process_yamls : yamldecode(file(yaml))["process"] ])

  linux_cluster_list = try(flatten(local.processes[0].clusters.linux_clusters.*),[])

resource "process_groups" "group" {
  for_each = {for cluster in local.linux_cluster_list : cluster.list => cluster }

    cluster_name = each.value
    type = "kubernetes"
    runtime_type = each.value.runtime

Is there a way to address this or restructuring the YAML is the option ?


Above linked helped in resolving the tuple related issue… Posting for anyone who is in search for similar scenario