Network.ip-address = access denied HTML?


while using NOMAD variables on a site running nomad 0.11.4 (updated today) on a Windows server machine.

The site has strict security policy and everything setup on the machine (e.g. git) has to be setup with a PROXY setting in-app and on a windows environment variables.

when using the variable


I am getting back a big string of HTML which seems to be from the site security facilities saying access is denied.

not sure why would getting the host ipaddress have anything to do with an out of host network call that would trigger a security error or return anything but the short ip address.

I tried looking around in the source code and it seems NOMAD is calling windows ipconfig and netstat to get these if I understand correctly but not sure how these would return HTML.

any help is appreciated.

Hi @moshemarciano,

Are the Nomad clients running in a particular cloud provider or physically hosted by you? Are you able to provide the HTML you’re seeing, or any interesting subset which alludes to what call is attempted?

jrasell and the Nomad team.


I am moshemarciano colleague,

We are using physical servers, and the html we are getting from the proxy says the “Access to this site is blocked”.

We are trying to understand how’s Nomad setting the “”,

also, we are using Nomad 0.12