No such file or directory: .terraform.d/credentials.tfrc.json

Hi there, i’m a beginner starting to use Terraform and while i was trying to do some tests, i’m getting this error, i’ve tried to do some tutorials searching on google but didn’t had positive results.

The error appears in the moment that i execute the script: ./scripts/

Hi @matheushage,

The error message you shared here starts with jq: which suggests that it’s being generated by the jq command rather than by Terraform.

As far as I know Terraform does not run jq itself during its work, and so I guess some other command in your ./scripts/ file is running it.

Can you share the content of the script so we can see how exactly the script is using jq and how it’s running Terraform?


Hi there, how are you?

Thanks for answer. Actually, i solved it.

I’ve tried to run from bash and it worked, without jq. The problem was jq, literally. Just as you said.