[Nomad][Server] Where is the exact directory of Nomad Server Raft Data

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where is the exact directory of nomad raft log data that leader share it to the follower ? if I configure the data-dir to -data-dir=/nomad/data

for context, we want to utilize the instance store of d suffix EC2 instance type (for example : m6gd. , c6gd. , etc). to just store the raft things, not everything…

is it /nomad/data/server/raft directory if I setup like above?

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Kholis RA Gumelar

Hi @petrukngantuk1.

Your example is correct. The directory where the Nomad servers store their Raft data is a combination of the top level data_dir configuration option and the server specific data_dir configuration option, suffixed with /raft.

jrasell and the Nomad team

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