Official HashiCorp tap for Homebrew

It might be useful if there were an official HashiCorp tap/casks for Homebrew on macOS. I did a brew install vault and went to spin up a dev server to play around with and I was greeted with a nice " Vault UI is not available in this binary" message.

Someone else submitted the same issue recently, but it was closed and told to submit a PR. They won’t except binaries for a formula, only a cask. I found a broken PR someone else has submitted, but they have some interesting build practices around using go get.

Hi @adarobin

first of all: welcome to the community (and apologies for reviving this old thread)!

I can’t speak to plans of having an official Brew Tap, but I wanted to share something you might find useful:

On, I am maintaining a Tap that has broad support for a large number of HashiCorp tools and historical versions.

Between Cosul, Packer, Nomad, Sentinel, Vagrant, and Vault (as well as consul-aws, consul-template, and envconsul), the Tap provides access to more than 320 versions of these tools.

I built this for a project I worked on earlier this year, where we couldn’t use the latest version of a lot of the tools but had to go back a few versions. Rather than downloading them from manually, we ended up adding Brewfile to every project that included the right tooling:


Hope this helps!