OIDC Provider gitlab Sign in button not customized


I’m want to let users to authenticate with our internal gitlab into Vault.
It works perfectly, the link with gitlab is OK and authentication is working.
But in Vault UI, the Sign in button is not displayed as expected.

It should look like this :

but i’m getting this :

I don’t understand why ?

I am not totally sure, but I have a feeling that most of the button customizations are implemented manually for specific large sites.

I would not be surprised, if the button customization for GitLab only recognized public GitLab, and not internal self-hosted instances.

You’re right !
I tried to change my own gitlab by gitlab.com and the button is back to normal.

But how to define, anywhere, that my provider is a gitlab instance ?

I’m pretty sure this is not supported by Vault.

Going by the code in vault/ui/app/models/role-jwt.js at main · hashicorp/vault · GitHub it appears to just be detecting it based on a string match of the URL including the domain name.