Partner event source not getting created with AWS AppFlow

We have an appflow which has it’s destination configuration as below:

destination_flow_config {
   connector_type = "EventBridge"
   destination_connector_properties {
     event_bridge {
       object = "aws.partner/appflow/${var.accountId}/${var.product-suffix}"
       error_handling_config {
         fail_on_first_destination_error = false
 } of appflow definitions

data "aws_cloudwatch_event_source" "product-event-source" {
 depends_on  = [aws_appflow_flow.product_app_flow]
 name_prefix = "aws.partner/appflow/${var.accountId}/${var.product-suffix}"

and it’s currently generating this error

│ on sfdc-integration/ line 79, in data “aws_cloudwatch_event_source” “product-event-source”:
│ 79: data “aws_cloudwatch_event_source” “product-event-source” {

Inspecting the AWS console, the expected Partner Event Source didn’t get created. The Terraform logs showed that it completed creating the apppflow which shoul dhave created the event source.

Note that the same code worked in a different environment but promoting it to new environment produced this error.