Please Help me On one topic


Suppose that my application (stateless) is running on an EKS cluster and I’m running the RDS database that is connected to that Stateless application
And I’m using file to defining the username and password of the database and the database name

Now it is not good practice to add the password in the plain text format inside

How can I connect my stateless java application to the RDS database using vault?

Vault Agent injector is one solution you might want to consider. It is a Kubernetes controller that injects a Vault Agent sidecar into pods and helps write secrets into a volume shared with the app container. We have a learn tutorial on that here. Agent also has a templating feature which can insert secrets into files in a specific format, as required by your app.

You might also want to consider Vault CSI Provider, but I think Vault Agent is better suited to your use case.