Preventing Clipboard Access over Boundary RDP Connections

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Looking at Boundary as a potential replacement for costly bastion hosts. Very early stages and I’m still getting to grips with what the product can and can’t do. Is there a way to use this service in order to explicitly prevent things like clipboard/video device redirection etc?

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Boundary operates very much at the network level, so it would not be aware enough of RDP to do this for you.

Whilst (in my opinion) it is a lot easier to make more secure & auditable than a standard bastion host, its appearance to traffic originating from a user is very much the same as SSH port forwarding. Boundary essentially says, “here’s a local proxy connecting you to what you want, chuck TCP packets down it”.

You’ll likely be looking at RDP client & server configuration to restrict behaviour in this way.


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Thank you Chris, much appreciated. Have a gr8 day