Print Debug Message with echo command


I am new to Packer and trying to print debug information with echo command. For some reason, I couldn’t see any of them. Did I do something wrong?

“provisioners”: [{
“type”: “shell”,
“inline”: [
“sudo yum -y update”,

  "echo 'step1'",

  "sudo yum install -y epel-release",

  "echo 'step2'",

  "sudo yum install -y python-pip bind-utils install nfs-utils nfs-utils-lib jq unzip git",

  "echo 'step3'",

  "sudo pip install --upgrade pip",

  "sudo pip --version",

  "echo 'step4'",

  "sudo yum install -y sdfsfsfsf",

  "sudo pip install boto boto3",

  "echo 'step5'",

  "sudo yum install -y telnet traceroute",

  "echo 'step6'",

  "sudo pip install -U awscli ansible setuptools",

  "echo 'step7'",

  "curl{{user `vault_version`}}/vault_{{user `vault_version`}} -O",

  "unzip vault_{{user `vault_version`}}",

  "sudo mv vault /usr/local/bin/",

  "rm vault_{{user `vault_version`}}"