Problems running a simple waypoint go app on cloud run

Trying to deploy a simple app on Cloud Run using waypoint.

I can deploy without problem using gcloud also running the image directly in docker works:

 docker run --platform linux/amd64 --rm -e PORT=8080 -it 
2023-05-12T13:42:13.122Z [INFO]  entrypoint: entrypoint starting: deployment_id="" instance_id=01H08357W2Y0G9TNNYSQ9S5Z4C args=["/cnb/process/web"]
2023-05-12T13:42:13.124Z [INFO]  entrypoint: entrypoint version: full_string=v0.11.0 version=v0.11.0 prerelease="" metadata="" revision=""
2023-05-12T13:42:13.127Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.child: waiting for stateChildReady to flip to true
2023-05-12T13:42:13.127Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.child: starting child command watch loop
2023-05-12T13:42:13.127Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.child: child command received
2023-05-12T13:42:13.127Z [INFO]  entrypoint.child: starting child process: args=["/cnb/process/web"] cmd=/cnb/process/web
2023/05/12 13:42:13 Listening on port 8080
^C2023-05-12T13:42:14.782Z [WARN]  interrupt received, cancelling context
2023-05-12T13:42:14.782Z [WARN]  entrypoint.child: request to exit
2023-05-12T13:42:14.783Z [INFO]  entrypoint.child: terminating current child process
2023-05-12T13:42:14.783Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.child: sending SIGTERM: pid=15
2023-05-12T13:42:14.782Z [INFO]  entrypoint: received cancellation request, waiting for child to exit
2023-05-12T13:42:14.784Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.child: SIGTERM sent, waiting for child process to end or timeout: pid=15
2023-05-12T13:42:14.837Z [WARN]  entrypoint.child: subprocess exited: args=["/cnb/process/web"] cmd=/cnb/process/web err="signal: terminated"
2023-05-12T13:42:14.838Z [INFO]  entrypoint.child: child process exited: pid=15 wait_err=<nil>
2023-05-12T13:42:14.838Z [INFO]  entrypoint.child: child process termination result: err=<nil>

however using waypoint I get the following errors:

! 2 errors occurred:
        * Cloud Run service failed to get ready
        * Error during rollback: 1 error occurred:
        * argument cannot be satisfied: type: bool. This is a bug in the go-argmapper
  library since this shouldn't happen at this point.

and the cloud run fails with:

Revision 'ig-00004-zq5' is not ready and cannot serve traffic. The user-provided container failed to start and listen on the port defined provided by the PORT=8080 environment variable. Logs for this revision might contain more information.
project = "xxx-ig-eu"

app "ig" {
  labels = {
    "service" = "ig",
    "env"     = "dev"

  build {
    use "pack" {}

    // use "docker" {
    //   buildkit = true
    //   platform = "linux/amd64"
    // }

    registry {
      use "docker" {
        image = ""
        tag   = "latest"

  deploy {
    use "google-cloud-run" {
      project  = "xxx-ig-eu"
      location = "europe-west1"

      port = 8080

      capacity {
        memory                     = 128
        cpu_count                  = 1
        max_requests_per_container = 10
        request_timeout            = 300

      auto_scaling {
        max = 2

  release {
    use "google-cloud-run" {}

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Waypoint Platform Versions

waypoint --version
CLI: v0.11.0
Server: v0.11.0