Provider Registry documentation sidebar formatting broken

The aviatrix verified provider has lost it’s sidebar formatting with the move to the Terraform registry. See screenshots you can see in the previous docs page our sidebar was formatted to organize the resources by their product category. Now all our resources have been lumped into a resources or data sources bucket. This totally breaks usability for the docs.

The Registry only ingests static content, it no longer derives things like the sidebar from Ruby code. In order to specify subcategories for a page now you have to use a field in the Markdown frontmatter:

subcategory: "Accounts"

Got it, thanks @paultyng.

@paultyng One more question. Am I understanding correctly? All new documentation needs to follow this new directory structure and naming format?

The old format (for the static content at least) is still handled in the registry. We don’t have any plans to remove that. We do plan to release documentation generation tooling to help create docs which will also help to move to the new format, so probably easiest to just wait for that (you can try it out now, its just still undergoing work).