Put kv with json results in destroyed json


trying to put json data into the kv endpoint. That works so far, but the result is not exactry what I wrote.

"Kunde": "Enterprise",
"PIN": "abc123",
"CSR": "--begin -- blah blah --end",
"KEY": "--begin -- foo foo foo --end"

echo ${CONTENT} | vault kv put -format=json kv/App/pinning/${KUNDE}/${YEAR} value=-

But I get:

  "value": "{ \"Kunde\": \"Enterprise\", \"PIN\": \"abc123\", \"CSR\": \"--begin -- blah blah --end\", \"KEY\": \"--begin -- foo foo foo --end\" }\n"

Same result if I read the content from a file.

Any hint?


That appears to be valid JSON (based on jsonlint). Is the concern that the line breaks have been removed?