Recommended Nomad upgrade path

Hello everyone,

I’m running a relatively small cluster with nomad version 0.12.7 and it’s time to upgrade it.
I find this Upgrade Guides | Nomad by HashiCorp a bit confusing and I would prefer something like consul’s Upgrade Instructions | Consul by HashiCorp .

Normally i would go to the next maximum point release which would be 1.0.18 but seems to be a very long jump from my current version. Would you recommend going from 0.12.7 directly to 1.0.18 or should i go for 0.12.12 first, and then go to 1.0.18 ?

Thank you for your time

Hi gabrieltz,

According to Upgrading , upgrade form 0.12.7 to 1.0.18 is ok.

Nomad strives to be backward compatible for at least 1 point release, so Nomad v0.10 hosts work with v0.9 hosts. Upgrading 2 point releases (eg v0.8 to v0.10) may work but is untested and unsupported.


I upgraded to 1.0.18 yesterday and it went mostly fine. I had a few job allocations in lost state
and a handfull of others failed because the service check’s address_mode was set to driver to check the docker container’s ip address. After changing that to host it all worked.
The error message for the later case was pre-run hook "group_services" failed: error getting address for check "pubcheck": cannot use address_mode="driver": no driver network exists