Register Elasticache with Consul

I am new to consul and started getting to work with it.
With a automated way , we are building the cluster of AWS Elasticache to be used as a solution of in memory data store to replace the memcached on prem.
I am trying since days to search if i can get but i couldnt find any result.
The Question is if i want to register my ElastiCache service with COnsul, how do i do it? I could find now documents on the same. It would be great if anyone can help.
Thanks in Advance!!

Hi @OCTRAPUS, thanks for your question!

I’m not familiar with AWS Elasticache but it sounds like it might be an external service. If so, you can register external services with consul-esm.

Here’s the learn guide that will walk you through the steps:

Here’s a blog post for more context:

Hope that helps!

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