Release notes and or announcements for releases?

I grok that it’s all happening here: boundary/ at main · hashicorp/boundary · GitHub

…but it would be great if releases were announced on #boundary-release and updated on
Release Notes | Boundary by HashiCorp too

Thanks for the suggestion @jorhett - the docs page for release notes is higher level product level release notes. We’re not documenting patch releases there at this time but will update it as soon as we increment the minor version or greater.

The key point for me is that patch releases are announced somewhere… right now they fall silently

We do our best to announce patch releases on social (Twitter), the latest version is pointed to from our docs page (sometimes delayed due to website build issues), and of course the best place to get the latest and greatest is our changelog because that runs in lockstep with our release pipeline.

Since we release patch releases every couple of weeks we rely on our community to pull from these places to get the latest and greatest. We were doing announcements here on Discuss and I will revive that for patch releases to keep people more abreast.

Hope this helps!