Rename Administrator Account

New to packer, looking to avoid some pitfalls.

I have a working image process that builds a Windows Server 2019 image. it installs some software (SQL etc), all is good.

I would like to rename the administrator account and change its password as apart of the deployment process, but I’m not sure what (if any) issues I might face?

In my json, I use the {{user username }} and {{ user pwd }} variables, my concern is if I need to figure out how to dynamically populate those?

My initial thought is as a last step in my json I could just change the username and update a password, just looking to see what the follow on effects would be.


Not much activty here :slight_smile:

I was having a similar issue where I need to have the SSH pubkey injected into a script during the script stage. Searched the documentation and I simply cannot see how a search-n-replace type of operation is performed. Reason hijacking this thread is that you will probably need to do this.