Request for Feedback: HashiCorp Sentinel

Hi all,

My name is Ryan (he/him), and I’m a Product Manager on the Terraform team.

I’m currently researching the usage of Sentinel as an enabler of policy as code. I’m interested in understanding the user experience in depth, and would love to hear from you about your policy as code journey with Terraform.

Who should get in touch?
If you fall in one of the following categories, please reach out. The only request I have is that you keep your feedback constructive and respectful.

  • Users that have struggled to get up and running quickly
  • Folks that have an opinion on what could be improved (e.g. workflow, language, docs etc.)
  • Teams that have hit problems with managing policy at scale
  • Engineers that have tried it, and gone down the custom solution path

How should you get in touch?

I have made this as simple as possible and created a form that you can use to submit your feedback :smiley:

Unfortunately, I will not be able to respond to support related queries or “how-to” questions, so if you have a query of this nature please create a new topic in the Sentinel category, or raise a support request.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for your time.

Ryan Hall (@hcrhall)


Sentinel is an Enterprise only product.

Hashicorp Enterprise licensing model is hypertuned to large enterprises and is aggressively anti startup or SMB. Hashicorp knows this and has the Starter tiers on HCP to address this.

As a result, Sentinel is not on the table for startup or SMBs.

My hypothesis is majority of Terraform users are having their policy as code journey with OSS tools like OSO, OPA or similar, not Sentinel but I would appreciate datapoints otherwise as I really love Hashicorp products and only reason why I am here.

Hi @hcrhall

The link HashiCorp - Sign In goes to that asks for authentication.

I am using sentinel and will be able to answer some of your questions.

@javierruizjimenez can you try the following: