Request help: Cooperation invitation from Apache APISIX community

Hi community,

I am Jing Li, from the Apache APISIX community. Apache APISIX is a Cloud-native API gateway, and it is the top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation. You can get more details from GitHub:

Apache APISIX has added Consul as service discovery registery. I think it’s a meaningful feature for both communities, as it enriches the surrounding ecology of Consul and APISIX.

Rencently, we are writing a blog for this feature to explain in detail how to use it. It will be a nice guide for our developers. In addition, it will help Apache APISIX and Consul publicize and let more developers and companies know about them. So I am wondering if I could post this blog on the Consul’s blog website or other social media when it’s finalized?

Looking forward to your reply~

Hi @lijing-21,

Thanks for reaching out and bringing this integration to our attention. We’re definitely interested in helping you promote this blog on HashiCorp’s social media handles when it is published.

One of my colleagues recently connected us over an email thread. Lets continue the discussion there and coordinate activities required to socialize this post. :slight_smile: