Rescheduling in Nomad after change in job-description

I’ve submitted a job to nomad which failed. After several restart-attempts (defined in restart-stanza) the job is rescheded with an exponential delay (defined in reschedule-stanza). Everthing fine so far…

However I expect that the job is rescheduled immediately if I change the job-description (example: make some corrections), this is however not the case. Even a
nomad job eval -force-reschedule job-name did not reschedule the job.
Is this a bug or is are my expectations wrong?

Hi @frank.wettstein,

What parameters of the job are you changing? The jobspec contains fields which can be updated in-place, and so if these are being changed I would not expect rescheduling.

jrasell and the Nomad team

Hello Jrasell

Thanks for your reply and the good work you’re doing, very appreciated :slight_smile:

I adapted a parameter in the config of a task (docker). A parameter caused an issue which prevented docker from starting correctly. I wanted to try out different variants of the parameter by editing the job-config via Nomad-GUI, but I had always to wait since till rescheduling took place which was a bit cumbersome. Below in bold the parameter which I adapted.

 "Tasks": [
          "Name": "ap.admin",
          "Driver": "docker",
          "User": "",
          "Config": {
            "work_dir": "/opt/intersys/ap_admin/etc",
            "args": [