Routing with fabio and consul

I was able to get a docker container up and running (sqlpad):

I am doing this with the following guide:

It all works but the issue is with internal routing. If I go to /sqlpad I get the right page but all sqlpad assets are not loaded because their url is not in the urlprefix-. For instance sqlpad has /javascripts. In my current deployment /javascripts is not discoverable by Fabio.

I know I can fix this by adding “urlprefix-/javascripts” to tags, but is this the best practice here? I was wondering what would happen if applications share the same /javascripts url? There would be a url collision.

I could be wrong, but you could use Fabio’s strip path directive in the tags


I believe you’ll want to set sqlpad’s baseUrl setting to /sqlpad in order to make it reference other assets under the correct path.

Let me try that. I got it to work with a sub domain so then doing, but I want to document also a non subdomain solution. Of course the subdomain is an easier setup because in that case your url is unique to the application and you can route all /paths to that specific domain in Fabio.