Rsadecrypt is not supporting asymetrics encryption padding (OAEP) scheme


from the documentation about rsadecrypt I see it’s only supporting PKCS 1 padding scheme, but I believe people may strugle with the different RSA encryptions such as using OAEP schemes.

In one of my use cases, I failed to implement password generation by deploying the windows servers on Google Cloud. The PKCS is not supporting, and the rsadecrypt command also fails about unknown passed cypher text which makes sense.

The only possible way to workaround this solution is by:

  • creating an API which decrypts and responds with the decrypted result. This requires implementing HTTP resources in Terraform.
  • using local-exec and hardcode the OpenSSL commands (this is really not elegant) and requires having local OpenSSL SDK tools.

But, maybe there is a plan to support OAEP in rsadecrypt Terraform function?