Running tests, or failing to

I’d like to start contributing (especially on the aws/ecs stuff, because that’s where we are, and generally have issues) but I’m struggling getting tests running, specifically the e2e tests. Docker seems to run fine, but ecs fails with an error about awslogs requiring a region (which can be solved by adding -ecs-region to the command in the test). I haven’t even touched the k8s or nomad tests yet. Would it be useful for me to take a pass at getting the e2e tests running properly? Or are they actually fine, at which point I need help :slight_smile:


Hello there -

Thanks for wanting to contribute and trying out our e2e tests! We were wondering about your comment of -ecs-region, are you using that flag when installing a Waypoint server to test against, or are you getting an error when you attempt to run the e2e tests? Could you share the command you’re using to run the tests, and possibly any error messages (without revealing any sensitive information).