Secret Injection in Chef recipe

We are trying to replace our Chef-Vault implementation with HashiVault. In the migration I have ben working to do a stand in replacement for how secrets are currently handled. Ideally we get to a more dynamic rotation method, but that is down the road.

I am trying to do this documentation: GitHub - hashicorp/vault-ruby: The official Ruby client for HashiCorp's Vault

but am getting errors related to a method call.

chef_gem 'vault' do 
    compile_time true
    action :upgrade

require 'vault'

Vault.configure do |config|
    config.address = "VAULT URL"
    config.token = "TOKEN"
  secret ="test/vault_test")
  test_key =[:test]

puts "HERE IS YOUR KEY #{test_key}"

The error that it throws is that method data is undefined, but it is supposed to be part of the Vault gem.

Thanks in advance for help!