Settings you want to add to consul, terraform fdo helm chart

There are no loadBalancerClass values in Consul or TFE fdo’s helm chart(template) that you deploy to Kubernetes.
Because you do not have this value, if you perform a helm upgrade, you must fix the value in each service.yaml in the template as follows.
I want this part to be set in values.yaml.


Hi @swbs90,

The Helm Chart currently provides an option to pass in additional specs for a few components (which includes the ingress gateway service).

helm template consul hashicorp/consul \
               --set ingressGateways.enabled=true \
               --set ingressGateways.defaults.service.additionalSpec="loadBalancerClass:" \
                -s templates/ingress-gateways-service.yaml | yq .spec.loadBalancerClass

ref: Helm Chart Reference | Consul | HashiCorp Developer

I hope this helps.

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Hello Ranjandas
I followed your guide and the helm upgrade proceeded normally on my EKS (1.24.x or higher)!
I will make this option mandatory in our helm override-values.yaml.

thank you