[SOLVED] Versioning question

Why is the download page for Consul stating the latest version ATM is v1.7.4
These are the available downloads for the latest version of Consul (1.7.4).

where Hashicorp Checkpoint gives v1.6.6:

$ curl -s https://checkpoint-api.hashicorp.com/v1/check/consul | jq .current_version | tr -d '"'

Is there a preferred version or is this “an error”?

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Thanks for reporting! It should be pointing to 1.7.4. I fixed this and it now reports the correct version.

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Thank you!
Marked as [SOLVED].

@i0rek Should now point to “the latest version of Consul (1.8.0).”, not 1.7.4, right? :innocent:

You are absolutely right! Thank you! :slight_smile: