Speaker Slides at HashiConf 2019

The Hallway Track is coming back to HashiConf this year in Seattle!

Here is a link to the Hallway Track schedule: https://www.datocms-assets.com/2885/1567084886-has19hallwaytrackol.pdf

After HashiConf, we will encourage Hallway Track speakers to post their slides and demos in this thread.

Post HashiConf update:
We are encouraging all speakers to post their slides here!

Serverless with OpenFaaS and Nomad:

Are you interested in Serverless? Find out how you can implement Serverless architecture using Nomad, Consul and Vault with OpenFaaS: Serverless Functions made Simple.


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Here’s the link to my presentation on “Secrets of building a successful Hashicorp community”



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Hi all,

Here is a link to the slides for my talk: “Securing Cloud Native Communication with Ambassador and Consul”:

Thanks to all the organisers and everyone who attended.

Best wishes,


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Here is a link to the slides for my talk “Your next home server should be a Nomad cluster”:

There are links at the end to the github repos used.

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Slides for Making Conferences Magical: The Story Behind the Art Plotter.

Thank you everyone who came and saw the talk in person :slight_smile:

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My Slides for Advanced Consul Templating with consul-templaterb:

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Here’s a link to my talk on terraform code organization in gitlab / github:

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My slides on observing Consul:

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Here is the link to my slide deck: Adopting the Tao of HashiCorp for Application Pipelines

Note that the presentation has animated GIF images for the demos which may not be animated in Google drive. Please download it to view the presentation.

Demo assets, including the conceptual bash script and the first implementation of the pipeline are available in the following git repo: https://github.com/Indellient/hashiconf-2019-hallway-track

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Visualizing Infrastructure: A Brief History

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Q0_Aaf_1VvPFiRE84dPUFgcr4HXQ9rnZr2BBfPWjkRY/edit?usp=sharing

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Troubles in Kubernetes Land: Vault to the Rescue

@gitirabassi on twitter/github

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Containment without Containers: Running Windows Microservices on Nomad

“How we accelerated our Vault adoption, with Terraform”


(Not a hallway track, but I didn’t see a dedicated thread for other talks)

My slides on the origin of our pride stickers is at https://talks.paddy.io/Pride.pdf