SSH Certificate Injection with OSS?

Hi Hashicorp team!

SSH Certificate Injection is a useful feature for solutions like Boundary.

Do you have plans to integrate it to OSS version of Boundary? I think community’s feedback would be very helpful and can improve this mechanism.

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oh, there is same topic :lying_face:

Hello @Qstarnik SSH credential injection is a enterprise only feature and we have no plans to introduce enterprise features within Boundary OSS. Having said that, Credential brokering is still available within Boundary OSS and if you are using a Boundary helper function within the CLI to connect to a target (e.g. boundary connect postgres), Boundary would pass the brokered credential on to the target without any user intervention, offering a near-passwordless experience.

You could also try out HCP Boundary and use the credential injection functionality along with other enterprise features and its all free as long as you’re below 50 sessions/month!