State Pull - Unexpected Behaviour in 0.12

I am just looking to gain some clarity around the expected behaviour in 0.12 regarding the state pull command.

I was under the impression that this would display the state file - as is, from the local file or remote state.

What I am seeing is with 0.12.17 is that a 0.11.14 state file shows a 0.12.17 in the version field when doing a state pull

I tested using an 0.11.11 state file with 0.11.14 - and the state file returns as expected with the exact 0.11.11 terraform version in the state file displayed.

I am aware of the introduction of the State Manager in 0.12 and its use in the state pull command now. Is this now the expected behavour? As I would expect the state pull to show the exact version according to the documentation.

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