Suggestion for new pragma

I’d like to be able to use a pragma “dependent_grace_time” to provide a number of seconds for a new resource to fully register instead of using the “time_sleep” resource.

Example of when I’d like to use this
Registering any resource into a private VNET on azure I would need to add a private endpoint in order to be able to communicate with the resource. I may also want to add privileges to the resource or diagnostics etc.
Terraform would understand the dependency between the main resource and the private endpoint, the privileges, diagnostics etc would require a “depends_on” of the private endpoint as the resource is blocked from all other communication than through that endpoint.
However, the endpoint takes some seconds (30-90?) to fully register in DNS’s etc. Hence the following logic would likely fail upon creation.
Today the work around is to use a “time_sleep” resource in-between with the required sleep. I’d like to replace that with a pragma at the private end-point.

Hi @m.elfving! Thanks for sharing this use-case.

The Azure provider team prefers to receive feature requests via GitHub issues rather than here in the forum, which is typically used more for Q&A purposes. If there isn’t already an issue related to this, I’d suggest opening one and then the provider team can consider different possible ways to address the use-case.