Terraform destroy - variable doesn't exist

So im in a bit of a situation and wondering what is the best way to handle this.

What we are currently doing is this -
We have a pipeline that builds images using packer and then apply it with terraform
"terraform apply -var=“application_image_name=“SomeNameThatIGotFromPacker””
for example.

module "vm_instance_template" {
  source               = "terraform-google-modules/vm/google//modules/instance_template"
  name_prefix          = "somename-${var.instance_id}"
  version              = "6.6.0"
  project_id           = "${var.project}-${terraform.workspace}"
  region               = var.region
  source_image         = var.application_image_name ####
  source_image_family  = ""
  source_image_project = var.source_image_project
  machine_type         = var.machine_type
  disk_type            = var.disk_type
  disk_size_gb         = var.disk_size_gb

Now this works fine for the apply.
The problem comes when we try to destroy it as we don’t build an image and don’t save the image name (its just in gcp images, a long list). So if we do
“terraform destroy” its using the default var for application-image-name and doesn’t find it.
Although we don’t want it to look for it really.

What is the correct way to handle this?