Terraform Disaster Recovery - OCI

Hi, we are starting our Disaster Recovery and we have ou Infrastructure mounted on Oracle Cloud.
Our setup is a repository with the Infrastructure on the first region and for DR we created another repository (cloned from the first) for the other Region with all terraform files.

My question is, when i do a Disaster test, the VMs will be created on the second region “on the fly” with the backup volumes of the first region.
But when i do the Switchback from the second region to the first one, I will need to recreate the Instances on the first region, in this step, how can i ensure that i have the terraform updated?

I’m asking this because Oracle Cloud has a service called FSDR that manages all the Disaster creating and deleting instances in the regions, and with this the tfstate will be out of sync.

If someone passed by this and can suggest what is the best approach for this scenario i will appreciate.