Terraform plan for Openstack existing host volumes are getting changed and adding new volumes

Hi Terraform Team,

We are using an older Terraform version 0.98 to provision the openstack VM hosts. We built the instances 2 year ago and we changed the VM’s memory and cpu configuration from the VM end.

Now the TF plan is showing change to the existing host volumes and one 1 host destroy.

Here is the code related to volume we defined.

resource “openstack_blockstorage_volume_v1” “volume” {
count = “{var.count}" name = "{var.sid}-{var.app_type}-vol-{count.index + 1}”
region = “nova”
size = “${var.vol_size}”

resource “openstack_compute_instance_v2” “vm” {
count = “{var.count}" name = "{format(“sap%s%s%s%03d”, var.sid, lookup(var.hostname, var.app_type), var.system_role, count.index + 1)}”
region = “nova”
image_name = “{var.image}" flavor_name = "{var.flavor}”
key_pair = “cloud-user”
user_data = “{data.template_cloudinit_config.user_data.*.rendered[count.index]}" security_groups = ["{var.security_groups}”]

Please find the attached TF plan.

We are getting as volumes

"volume": [DEPRECATED] Use block_device or openstack_compute_volume_attach_v2 instead

Kindly review the TF plan and help in understand why TF is showing Deprecated vol warnings and changing the volumes & destroying the one host.

Please suggest how to fix this and should i have to do terraform import of the volume ids ?
Terraform plan output.txt (12.9 KB)