Terraform Provider for Satellite Operations

My name is Matt Laidlaw and I am a satellite systems engineer at Space Flight Laboratory in Toronto Canada.

I am currently designing a mission planning and scheduling software for satellite constellation missions. One aspect of the software is responsible for keeping a timeline of operations/actions/activities that will be performed on orbit.

Each activity will be assigned to a satellite or set of satellites that will perform this activity at a certain time.

The set of activities that are scheduled to be performed must be validated such that they adhere to any constraints that are defined for it.

If you have time to look into it I am essentially looking (and am currently working with) OpenSPIFe.

Below is a screenshot of what the application interface looks like.

I came across terraform and thought understood that this is essentially what the terraform core does.

I am looking for some guidance as to the best way to structure the Terraform plugin and provider to accomplish what I need.

Let me know if you think Terraform is the right tool to use given my application.

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