Terraform syntax error after v0.12 upgrade

Hi All,

What is the proper syntax for docker secrets in latest version

complete query in https://devops.stackexchange.com/questions/11491/terraform-syntax-error-after-v0-12-upgrade

secrets = [

      secret_id = "docker_secret.mysql_db_password.id"
      secret_name = "docker_secret.mysql_db_password.name"
      file_name = "/run/secrets/docker_secret.mysql_db_password.name"

    {secret_id = "docker_secret.mysql_root_password.id"
      secret_name = "docker_secret.mysql_root_password.name"
      file_name = "/run/secrets/docker_secret.mysql_root_password.name"

Right-hand-side of secret_id and secret_name are references to attributes from other Terraform ressources. In 0.11 they were written as string interpolations ie "${docker_secret.mysql_db_password.id}" but if you’re not doing any changes and just passing values they should now be written simply as docker_secret.mysql_db_password.id.
“docker_secret.mysql_db_password.id” is a hardcoded string literally saying “docker_secret.mysql_db_password.id” and not a reference to the id attribute of the docker_secret resource named mysql_db_password

ok got it.thanks. issue resolved