Terraform vcd :

Hi Team,

Can someone help me here struggling with below issue unable to connect to vcd provider url

Error: something went wrong during authentication: error finding LoginUrl:
could not find valid version for login: could not retrieve supported versions:
error fetching versions: Get “https://************/versions”:

Provider Pluigins

terraform {
required_providers {
vcd = {
source = “vmware/vcd”
version = “3.8.0”


provider “vcd” {
user = “***"
password = ""
org = "ORG-
url = “https://host/provider/api
vdc = "OvDC-

max_retry_timeout = 120
allow_unverified_ssl = false
logging = true
logging_file = “/tmp/tf.l”

vapp to test

resource “vcd_vapp” “web” {
name = “web”

@dilipraju.g, did you ever get this figured out? I am currently running into the same situation.

Thanks in advance!

Hi jdeblaey,
Issue should be either with SSL or Proxy ( if using any proxy try setting for init and unset the same for plan)