Terraform vRA Provider Ownership


I was just wondering who owns this repo: https://github.com/terraform-providers/terraform-provider-vra7

I noticed there are two for the vra provider, the one above and here: https://github.com/vmware/terraform-provider-vra7

I’ve been tasked to put in some work and just want to make sure that I’m doing it on the correct repo, in the correct way.

Hi @skylerto,

Sorry for the delayed reply. The vRealize provider is maintained by VMware. In terms of contribution, it is probably better to add contributions to https://github.com/terraform-providers/terraform-provider-vra7, since that is the umbrella organization where providers are built and released.

I would definitely reach out to the maintainer of the repositories just to make sure though, mostly because maintainers often have their own contribution guidelines.