Terraform with Chef

Hi All,

I have been using terraform for my personal and professional and later i have encountered a doubt i rather call it as a issue that i am facing.

We use Terraform provisioning with chef
Terraform version : 0.11
Chef version : 13

Cloud : Azure
Environment config : Windows 2016 (2GB Ram and 4 VCPU’s)

and while provisioning the terraform every 1st time when i run the script the build automation is failing and when we run the second time or third time the build automation gets passed and the cloud environment is created.

My Doubts:
Is there any pre-requisite (system requirements) that shows chef provisioning in terraform will run in the windows VM which has(consists) of min requirements


I don’t think there is any material on the minimal system requirements for Chef provisioning & Windows, it seems like Windows 2016 should be fine to provision.

Would you be able to attach the error that Terraform & provisioner output when it is run the first time?