Terrafrom resource not working

I am using terrafrom to configure cisco ACI
I am trying to associate an interface profile into a swich profile, i am using the resource
resource “aci_leaf_profile”
and the relation of
relation_infra_rs_acc_card_p = [aci_leaf_interface_profile.IntProf-leaf101.id]

however, no matter how many times I apply my changes, I get the same output…
Terraform will perform the following actions:

module.access-policies.aci_leaf_profile.SwProf-leaf101 will be updated in-place

~ resource “aci_leaf_profile” “SwProf-leaf101” {
id = “uni/infra/nprof-SwProf-leaf101”
name = “SwProf-leaf101”
~ relation_infra_rs_acc_card_p = [
+ “uni/infra/accportprof-IntProf-leaf101”,
# (6 unchanged attributes hidden)

    # (1 unchanged block hidden)

so the code never reach a stable status, and the association never occur in ACI, please any idea ?

I even tried to ignore the change and do the changes via an API, but I got the same type of error, it confiugres the association then it will remove it upon a next apply.


anyone with the same issue ?