Terratest for var type map(map(string))

Hi All ,
i have defined variable as map(map(string) and its working as expected for one of my module .
Now i am planning to do “terratest” , just checking how i can define value in test.go file for map(map(string)) type

var example:

defined var as map(map(string)

query_config = {
“test1” = {
“query” = “SELECT * FROM “DB” limit 21”

“test2” = {
“query” = “SELECT * FROM “DB” limit 211”

@apparentlymart Just checking if any feedback on above question .

Hi @deverm121986,

Please do not call for me directly. I am just one of many people participating in this forum.

I don’t have any experience with Terratest, so I can’t offer any advice on this question.