TF lint errors out stating Standard_E64-16ds_v5

When we run terraform plan for Azure Linux VM, TF lint errors out stating “Standard_E64-16ds_v5 is an invalid value as a size”.

Hi @devpro4182

Running terraform plan runs an implicit terraform validate but does not run tflint which is a separate command/package not part of Terraform.

Are you running this terraform plan as part of a CI/CD pipeline or script which runs tflint against the codebase as one of the pipeline tasks?

If this is indeed tflint issuing the warning related specifically to the Azure then you should raise an issue against tflint or, more likely the AzureRM ruleset terraform-linters/tflint-ruleset-azurerm: TFLint ruleset for terraform-provider-azurerm (

Additionally, to have your module pass the test in the meantime consider adding an
annotation. Example below is for AWS for a similar issue taken from the documentation but illustrates the concept.

resource "aws_instance" "foo" {
    # This instance type is new and TFLint doesn't know about it yet
    # tflint-ignore: aws_instance_invalid_type
    instance_type = "t10.2xlarge"