TFE Image pull policy for Alternative Terraform worker image?


I am using an Alternative Terraform worker image in TFE, It works great.

The image I am using is tagged as latest (i.e. itwonderlab/tfe-custom-worker:latest)

TFE doesn’t seem to query the container image registry for an updated image with every new plan so I have to manually ssh into the TFE host and delete the docker image when there is a new “latest” image in the repository.

# docker rmi  itwonderlab/tfe-custom-worker
Untagged: itwonderlab/tfe-custom-worker:latest
Untagged: itwonderlab/tfe-custom-worker@sha25......e3f3d99625d
Deleted: sha256:4f19c721efe6cff4233f6ed776d4dcd7b6dcb.....

Is there a way to set the Image pull policy in TFE similar to what K8S has?

See: Kubernetes Image pull policy