TFM Landing zone

Hi, I was wondering, 2 years ago a TLZ Account Accelerator (Terraform Landing Zone for AWS) was introduced, from what was presented the code should be open-sourced. Since then however, I can’t find anything released nor available. Do you guys have some more information? Thanks.

Hello, my name is Vinnie and I am solutions engineer at HashiCorp. Regarding your question around AWS TLZ, this has been a slightly confusing topic.

Quick history, TLZ for AWS is an automation pattern developed by the AWS Professional Service organization to help Terraform users solve for the programatic creation and consumption of multi-account AWS strategies. You may have seen a talk delivered by Brad Hankel or by one of the HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise customers during one of our events. HashiCorp and AWS did explore this pattern and the potential of working together formally on the effort. The original approach that AWS Proserv took with TLZ was to include the use of Terraform Enterprise or the Terraform Cloud solution to have a consistent API and other features provided by the Terraform commercial offerings. The opportunity to partner with AWS Proserv was very appealing to HashiCorp, however due to current priorities with the Terraform commercial offerings there was not enough bandwidth to devote resources to this project.

The current state of AWS TLZ is a code base controlled by the AWS Professional Service organization. They are in a state of re-evaluating their approach to find the most sustainable direction for this pattern in support of AWS and HashiCorp Terraform users. For more information on this subject, may I suggest that you contact your AWS Account Team to find out the most current updates from the AWS Proserv Team. To date, the automation code has not been formally open sourced or made available publicly.

Thank you for posting this question.

Hello Vincent, thanks for the reply. I will contact one of our AWS Account team members for further info.