Tfstate not sync with Aws account

Hi, I have tried driftctl scan --from tfstate://terraform.tfstate --only-managed to scan my resources. user_data_replace_on_change is true in the TFstatefile, but I don’t know why it’s throwing this error. Please, someone help me with this. Thank you in advance.

Scanned states (1)
Found changed resources:
From tfstate://terraform.tfstate
- i-096b673059784eed9 (aws_instance.main):
Name: sta-aza_ec2
- user_data_replace_on_change: true =>
- i-0a381030721492ff8 (aws_instance.main):
Name: sta-azc_ec2
- user_data_replace_on_change: true =>
Found 18 resource(s)

  • 100% coverage
  • 18 resource(s) managed by Terraform
    • 2/18 resource(s) out of sync with Terraform state
  • 0 resource(s) found in a Terraform state but missing on the cloud provider

user_data_replace_on_change: true => nill

user_data_replace_on_change exists solely within Terraform, to control Terraform’s behaviour when user data is updated. It does not exist within AWS at all. I suggest, therefore, that this is a bug in driftctl, as it’s meaningless to report drift on this attribute.

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Hi @maxb ,

Thank you!