Time Synchronization on Vault Server

Hello! I am having a problem with the time synchronization on the hosts.
There are servers “A” and “B” - the Vault servers on which certificates and database accounts are generated.
There are “C” and “D” servers that request certificates and account generation. The certificates are generated via the consul-template.
Certificates and accounts have their own expiration date.
I have a time difference between servers “A” - “B” and “C” - “D” in about one minute. Because of this, I have a problem with the certificate, since servers “C” and “D” do not accept them due to the fact that they are issued “from the future”

I am going to set up time synchronization on these hosts, in connection with which I have questions:
Will this prevent consul-template, consul from working? Will the services for which the database accounts are generated and the databases themselves break because of this?
How are credentials and certificates generated? Could changing times interfere with data generation?