Too many identities around 50k

Hello, 2 years ago I started to use vault with kubernetes auth.
I now have 50k+ identities created and the UI for identity is unresponsive, either it times out or returns 5xx because of the amount of them.
Is there a way to clean those not used identities (I have around 600 micro-services running at a given time, far from 50k, so I guess not all is useful)?


Sorry. Do you mean entities? I don’t see how using a kubernetes auth method (it’s a perm/renewable connection using a single entity) would create entities. If that was the case the Enterprise User count licenses would be useless as simply using the tool would drive up the count and that’s not how it works.

I am not sure to me it looks like those are bound. There is one identity which has one alias in the entity. I do not know why, but each new k8s app release (even if using same ServiceAccount) will create an identity with an entity and an alias.