Troubleshooting access issues

Hello there:
Using Vault v1.3, and a user seems to have lost some access. First, when attempting to change a value in the web GUI, the save button does not work (does nothing after being clicked). Tried using a different web browser, same issue. Second, user also seems to have lost access to the ‘global’ path, with error: "You don’t have access to global/ ". Under ‘entities’, the user has ‘full access’. Also, user has renewed their token.

Any ideas re troubleshooting? Not sure where to the check cluster logs, etc.

Thank you.

What policies does the token have? Does that policy allow access to what you’re trying to access?
What happens if you try the same update via the CLI?

Entity/User has a policy of ‘full access’. Not seeing where tokens are configured with a policy?

API/cURL call can successfully read from ‘/global’, but when I try to perform a write (using API), I get ‘no data provided’.