Unable delete to service node if the space in node name

accidentally a space in the node name.

i run like this .
curl --header “X-Consul-Token: xxxx” -X PUT " "
ACL not foundl

what shall i do ?

I wish someone would understand.
Many thanks.

我不小心把一个节点名字最后带了一个空格,由于是post 的json数据名字中是可以带有空格的, 结果删除的时候。只能通过 url 但是url中 无法带空格。导致这个节点一直无法被删除。有人遇到过这种问题么?

Try to use %20 for the space? That is the urlencoded value for space.

I tried. The results are follow.
curl --header “X-Consul-Token: xxxx” -X PUT “
ACL not found

The problem still exists。

Many many thanks for your answer. :smiley:

MMMMMMMany thanks . Use %20 and the master token solves the problem.