Unable to connect to Vault after system comes back from hibernation

  • I’ve installed minikube (running on Docker) + vault 1.14.0 on my macOS (Monterey 12.5.4) for testing and demonstration purpouses.

  • The installation & configuration were completed successfully and eventually, I was able to connect to the Vault and execute all the relevant commands properly.

  • When the system returned from sleep, I couldn’t verify the vault status (got this error message: Error checking seal status: Get “”: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client). I couldn’t connect to minikube either.

  • I executed minikube start and then I was able to re-connect to vault. When I tried to execute some of the previous basic commands (as vault auth list or vault policy list) I got the following message:

Error listing policies: Error making API request.

Code: 500. Errors:

  • error performing token check: failed to look up namespace from the token: no namespace

***** Nothing has changed since the system went to sleep and after it came back. Therefore I don’t understand the issue regarding the token.

vault status information:

Key Value

Seal Type shamir

Initialized true

Sealed false

Total Shares 1

Threshold 1

Unseal Progress 0/1

Unseal Nonce n/a

Version 1.14.0

Build Date 2023-06-19T11:40:23Z

Storage Type raft

HA Enabled true

Please assist. Thanks!