Unseal a Linux cluster from Windows


I have three Vault instances buliding a HA cluster. But I try to unseal the nodes from windows.

But I get an error:
PS F:\bin> c:\temp\vault.exe operator unseal -tls-server-name=vault.site.com -address=vault.site.com:8200
Too many arguments (expected 1, got 4)

The same with
PS F:\bin> c:\temp\vault.exe operator unseal -tls-server-name=vault.site.com -address=vault.site.com:8200 foobarbaz=

Unsealing from the Linux localhost is not a problem.

Any hint?

I think the order of your parameters is wrong.

What does vault status show?
How about setting the env variables?
Have you tried -tls-skip-verify?

Okay it’s solved. my mistake - a bit embarrassing. First: the server name was missing β€œhttps: //”. The error message is due to missing quotation marks. This command works:

vault.exe operator unseal -tls-server-name=β€œvault.site.com” -address=β€œhttps://vault.site.com:
8200” IXyR0OJnSFobekZMMCKCoVEpT7wI6l+USMzE3IcyDyo=

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